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May 30, 2015 - Carissa & Thomas

Fate threw Carissa and Thomas a few curveballs on their wedding day, from a brief power outage at the church to a thunderstorm during the formal photos. But Carissa and Tom's love and commitment persevered, as they conquered it all with smiles on their faces. I had a blast celebrating their wedding with them and meeting their families, and I know they're going to have a long and happy life together. Here is a handful of my favourite photos from their wonderful wedding day.

CarissaAndThomas_001 CarissaAndThomas_002 CarissaAndThomas_003 CarissaAndThomas_004 CarissaAndThomas_005 CarissaAndThomas_006 CarissaAndThomas_007 CarissaAndThomas_008 CarissaAndThomas_009 CarissaAndThomas_010 CarissaAndThomas_011 CarissaAndThomas_012 CarissaAndThomas_013 CarissaAndThomas_014 CarissaAndThomas_015 CarissaAndThomas_016 CarissaAndThomas_017 CarissaAndThomas_018 CarissaAndThomas_019 CarissaAndThomas_020 CarissaAndThomas_021 CarissaAndThomas_022 CarissaAndThomas_023 CarissaAndThomas_024 CarissaAndThomas_025 CarissaAndThomas_026 CarissaAndThomas_027 CarissaAndThomas_028 CarissaAndThomas_029 CarissaAndThomas_030 CarissaAndThomas_031 CarissaAndThomas_032 CarissaAndThomas_033 CarissaAndThomas_034 CarissaAndThomas_035 CarissaAndThomas_036 CarissaAndThomas_037 CarissaAndThomas_038 CarissaAndThomas_039 CarissaAndThomas_040 CarissaAndThomas_041 CarissaAndThomas_042 CarissaAndThomas_043 CarissaAndThomas_044 CarissaAndThomas_045 CarissaAndThomas_046


October 4, 2014 - Karen & Pat

Not even Mother Nature could dampen the love Karen and Pat have for each other, as they joined their lives together on this rainy October day. You might see some familiar faces in these wedding photos, I had the privilege of photographing Karen's sister Sheryl's wedding back in 2010, and I was ecstatic to get a chance to work with their family again in celebrating another huge event in their lives. From the gorgeous wedding dress, to the beautiful details at the church, to the historic and picturesque Chateau Laurier, Karen and Pat had a stunning wedding day, despite a little rain. Here are a few of my favourite photos from their wonderful wedding day.

KarenAndPat_001 KarenAndPat_002 KarenAndPat_003 KarenAndPat_004 KarenAndPat_005 KarenAndPat_006 KarenAndPat_007 KarenAndPat_008 KarenAndPat_009 KarenAndPat_010 KarenAndPat_011 KarenAndPat_012 KarenAndPat_013 KarenAndPat_014 KarenAndPat_015 KarenAndPat_016 KarenAndPat_017 KarenAndPat_018 KarenAndPat_019 KarenAndPat_020 KarenAndPat_021 KarenAndPat_022 KarenAndPat_023 KarenAndPat_024 KarenAndPat_025 KarenAndPat_026 KarenAndPat_027 KarenAndPat_028 KarenAndPat_029 KarenAndPat_030 KarenAndPat_031 KarenAndPat_032 KarenAndPat_033 KarenAndPat_034 KarenAndPat_035 KarenAndPat_036 KarenAndPat_037 KarenAndPat_038 KarenAndPat_039 KarenAndPat_040 KarenAndPat_041 KarenAndPat_042 KarenAndPat_043 KarenAndPat_044 KarenAndPat_045 KarenAndPat_046 KarenAndPat_047 KarenAndPat_048 KarenAndPat_049 KarenAndPat_050 KarenAndPat_051 KarenAndPat_052 KarenAndPat_053 KarenAndPat_054 KarenAndPat_055


October 5, 2013 - Susan & Andrew

Fall weddings can be hit or miss, from a photography perspective. Sometimes, you can end up with a cold, wet day, surrounded by bare, leafless trees. But when you luck out and hit that sweet spot, you can get some amazing photos. Fortunately, for Susan and Andrew's wedding, the stars aligned and we had that perfect combination of beautiful late summer weather, with gorgeous, fiery fall colours. Susan and Andrew couldn't have picked a more perfect venue, exchanging their vows at the beautiful and historic Wakefield Mill, in Quebec. I only got to spend a few hours with this lovely couple, but they and their families were all extremely open and welcoming. I love working with couples like Susan and Andrew, and I wish them all the best. Here are a handful of highlights from their picturesque fall wedding.

SusanAndAndrew_001 SusanAndAndrew_002 SusanAndAndrew_003 SusanAndAndrew_004 SusanAndAndrew_005 SusanAndAndrew_006 SusanAndAndrew_007 SusanAndAndrew_008 SusanAndAndrew_009 SusanAndAndrew_010 SusanAndAndrew_011 SusanAndAndrew_012 SusanAndAndrew_013 SusanAndAndrew_014


June 1, 2013 - Tanya & Jonathan

I don't get to do a whole lot of destination weddings, so I was really looking forward to Tanya and Jonathan's wedding. I met Jonathan through a mutual geeky interest (the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering), and I was ecstatic to be invited to join him and Tanya in Lake Placid as they started their new life together. The clouds threatened rain, but held off until we were all safe and sound at the reception, blessing us instead with perfect photography lighting during the day. I loved going to Lake Placid for this wedding - it was like a combination vacation/party! Here are a few of my the highlights from Lake Placid, New York - Congratulations Tanya and Jonathan!

TanyaAndJonathan_001 TanyaAndJonathan_002 TanyaAndJonathan_003 TanyaAndJonathan_004 TanyaAndJonathan_005 TanyaAndJonathan_006 TanyaAndJonathan_007 TanyaAndJonathan_008 TanyaAndJonathan_009 TanyaAndJonathan_010 TanyaAndJonathan_011 TanyaAndJonathan_012 TanyaAndJonathan_013 TanyaAndJonathan_014 TanyaAndJonathan_015 TanyaAndJonathan_016 TanyaAndJonathan_017 TanyaAndJonathan_018 TanyaAndJonathan_019 TanyaAndJonathan_020 TanyaAndJonathan_021 TanyaAndJonathan_022 TanyaAndJonathan_023 TanyaAndJonathan_024 TanyaAndJonathan_025 TanyaAndJonathan_026 TanyaAndJonathan_027 TanyaAndJonathan_028 TanyaAndJonathan_029 TanyaAndJonathan_030 TanyaAndJonathan_031 TanyaAndJonathan_032 TanyaAndJonathan_033 TanyaAndJonathan_034 TanyaAndJonathan_035 TanyaAndJonathan_036 TanyaAndJonathan_037 TanyaAndJonathan_038 TanyaAndJonathan_039 TanyaAndJonathan_040


May 11, 2013 - Stephanie & Andrew

Wedding season has officially kicked off! And I couldn't have wished for a better couple to start my 2013 summer wedding season than Stephanie and Andrew. As it happens, Andrew has the same last name as me! However, I don't think we're related, as Andrew's family is from Ireland, which made for a very energetic reception. I had a blast meeting both Stephanie and Andrew's families, and I hope they had as much fun as I did. The rain held off, we had a beautiful venue (the Museum of Nature), and I came away with some great photos. Here are some of my favorite shots - Congratulations Stephanie and Andrew!

StephanieAndAndrew_1 StephanieAndAndrew_2 StephanieAndAndrew_3 StephanieAndAndrew_4 StephanieAndAndrew_5 StephanieAndAndrew_6 StephanieAndAndrew_7 StephanieAndAndrew_8 StephanieAndAndrew_9 StephanieAndAndrew_10 StephanieAndAndrew_11 StephanieAndAndrew_12 StephanieAndAndrew_13 StephanieAndAndrew_14 StephanieAndAndrew_15 StephanieAndAndrew_16 StephanieAndAndrew_17 StephanieAndAndrew_18 StephanieAndAndrew_19 StephanieAndAndrew_20 StephanieAndAndrew_21 StephanieAndAndrew_22 StephanieAndAndrew_23 StephanieAndAndrew_24 StephanieAndAndrew_25 StephanieAndAndrew_26 StephanieAndAndrew_27 StephanieAndAndrew_28 StephanieAndAndrew_29 StephanieAndAndrew_30 StephanieAndAndrew_31 StephanieAndAndrew_32 StephanieAndAndrew_33 StephanieAndAndrew_34 StephanieAndAndrew_35 StephanieAndAndrew_36 StephanieAndAndrew_37 StephanieAndAndrew_38 StephanieAndAndrew_39 StephanieAndAndrew_40 StephanieAndAndrew_41 StephanieAndAndrew_42


February 23, 2013 - Sheena & Jonathan

Winter weddings can be a bit of a gamble, but Sheena and Jonathan had faith that Mother Nature would bless their wedding with some mild winter weather. I was so happy to work with Sheena and Jonathan, not only because they're so photogenic, but because they're such a fun couple. It turned out I had a lot in common with members of their wedding party, from a love of photography to homebrewing beer! Sheena and Jonathan chose to get married in an intimate ceremony at the gorgeous Courtyard Restaurant in the historic Market area of downtown Ottawa. Everyone had a great time, and although we did most of our photos indoors, I got plenty of great photos of Sheena, Jonathan, and their friends and family. Here are a few of the highlights - Congratulations Sheena and Jonathan!

SheenaAndJonathan_1 SheenaAndJonathan_2 SheenaAndJonathan_3 SheenaAndJonathan_4 SheenaAndJonathan_5 SheenaAndJonathan_6 SheenaAndJonathan_7 SheenaAndJonathan_8 SheenaAndJonathan_9 SheenaAndJonathan_10 SheenaAndJonathan_11 SheenaAndJonathan_12 SheenaAndJonathan_13 SheenaAndJonathan_14 SheenaAndJonathan_15 SheenaAndJonathan_16 SheenaAndJonathan_17 SheenaAndJonathan_18 SheenaAndJonathan_19 SheenaAndJonathan_20 SheenaAndJonathan_21 SheenaAndJonathan_22 SheenaAndJonathan_23 SheenaAndJonathan_24 SheenaAndJonathan_25 SheenaAndJonathan_26 SheenaAndJonathan_27 SheenaAndJonathan_28 SheenaAndJonathan_29 SheenaAndJonathan_30 SheenaAndJonathan_31 SheenaAndJonathan_32 SheenaAndJonathan_33 SheenaAndJonathan_34 SheenaAndJonathan_35 SheenaAndJonathan_36 SheenaAndJonathan_37 SheenaAndJonathan_38 SheenaAndJonathan_39 SheenaAndJonathan_40 SheenaAndJonathan_41 SheenaAndJonathan_42 SheenaAndJonathan_43


October 13, 2012 - Vanessa & Brandon

I've been wanting to shoot a wedding at the Wakefield Mill for a long time, and to finally get the chance just as the leaves were changing, with such a photogenic and happy couple as Vanessa and Brandon, was every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped. The Wakefield Mill is absolutely stunning, and it was a real privilege to get to spend the day with Vanessa and Brandon. It was an early wedding, followed by a relaxed and personal get-together at the trendy Play restaurant in Ottawa's busling Market section. I had a great time with Vanessa and Brandon and ended up with some magnificent shots - look for them in my Portfolio next year. :) Congratulations, Vanessa and Brandon!

VanessaAndBrandon_1 VanessaAndBrandon_2 VanessaAndBrandon_3 VanessaAndBrandon_4 VanessaAndBrandon_5 VanessaAndBrandon_6 VanessaAndBrandon_7 VanessaAndBrandon_8 VanessaAndBrandon_9 VanessaAndBrandon_10 VanessaAndBrandon_11 VanessaAndBrandon_12 VanessaAndBrandon_13 VanessaAndBrandon_14 VanessaAndBrandon_15 VanessaAndBrandon_16 VanessaAndBrandon_17 VanessaAndBrandon_18 VanessaAndBrandon_19 VanessaAndBrandon_20 VanessaAndBrandon_21 VanessaAndBrandon_22 VanessaAndBrandon_23 VanessaAndBrandon_24 VanessaAndBrandon_25 VanessaAndBrandon_26 VanessaAndBrandon_27 VanessaAndBrandon_28 VanessaAndBrandon_29 VanessaAndBrandon_30 VanessaAndBrandon_31 VanessaAndBrandon_32 VanessaAndBrandon_33 VanessaAndBrandon_34 VanessaAndBrandon_35 VanessaAndBrandon_36 VanessaAndBrandon_37 VanessaAndBrandon_38 VanessaAndBrandon_39 VanessaAndBrandon_40 VanessaAndBrandon_41 VanessaAndBrandon_42 VanessaAndBrandon_43 VanessaAndBrandon_44

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